A Few Snippets About Myself....

I am a textile artist who has been designing and creating individual handmade pieces and wearable art for many years.

I love to concentrate on textures, layering of fabrics, adding surface stitching, embellishing with found objects, drawing and shading with silks with various sewing and mixed media techniques thrown in for good measure.

I like to tell a story in each piece I design and make, using the cloth as my foundation. I leave the threads to tell the rest of the tale...


I am surrounded by inspiration every day. I love capturing the beauty in the ordinary snippets of life through my photography, poetry and sketching which have a huge influence on my textile work.

Mother Nature is always on hand, waiting in the wings, to offer me some gentle delights for a design.... colour combinations, patterns and shapes all help to add a rich depth of flavour to my work.

I am especially inspired by the wild beauty of the Cambridgeshire Fens; the flora and fauna, the rich tapestry of the Fenland heritage and the sense of belonging to such an ancient landscape.


A Love of Vintage 

I also have a real passion for treasuring those vintage beauties such as old linens, faded embroideries, vintage fabrics and treasured found objects.

For me they all hold a story to our forgotten past.

I love being able to breathe new life into something old and once loved and watching it turn into something gorgeously beautiful again....

My heart always wanders towards the tattered unloved boxes of linen left under a table in a charity shop or at the end of a stall at an Antique Fair, wondering what the story is behind each piece and thinking of ways to add them in my designs to capture their own social stories.


In addition to my design work and commissions I love to share my passion for all those forgotten skills from a bygone era.

I teach a variety of craft workshops in various venues around the UK showcasing many of the traditional skills of sewing, patchwork, slow stitching, embroidery, as well as techniques in textile art and mixed media.


I am a regular guest presenter on Create & Craft TV

As well as a writer of many magazine articles, tutorials and online step-by-step tuition I am also now writing my first book...



If you would like me to guest a workshop or talk for your venue or event please feel free to send me an email to info@tilly-rose.co.uk

Tilly x

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