'Daydream' Book Wrap Bundles



wrap - 'cover or enclose in paper or soft material '

to wrap something - arrange paper or soft material round as a covering for warmth or protection '


I've always loved decorating my books from a young age and the joy of seeing a shelf full of books of all different shapes and sizes snuggled together in their little embellished jackets still makes my heart skip a beat or two...

I think books are such a beautiful way of allowing ourselves a few precious moments to simply 'daydream' and take us to that place of gentle serenity we so often need in our busy lives these days. 

When I say books I do mean all kinds of options though, anything from a blank diary to a wedding album of treasured memories. When you spend five minutes looking back through them memories are often triggered and our minds wander along a beautiful path....

But I want to encourage you to think beyond the usual as I really do mean any type of book; journals, diaries, sketchbooks, photo albums, or simply a book to write your shopping list. It doesn't even have to be a book made of paper. You may love creating your own book. Perhaps with a combination of paper, card and cloth or you enjoy designing your own style of scrapbook journals?

The outside of a book is just as important as the inside.

Have you considered covering your favourite novel? or a treasured book of poetry from days gone by perhaps? Perhaps even your old school sketchbooks from your teenager school days where you may  want to remember those wonderful lessons?

Of course in my list of books, I do always include cloth journals also...

Each and every one is individual to you and having a special bookwrap for them makes them extra special. Don't you just love that word?

Book wraps remind me of my snuggly crochet wraps that I love to indulge in during the winter months or wrap around my shoulders on late summer evenings when chilling by the Fenland water meadows. Having a snuggly wrap for your books is just as delicious. They make such a beautiful accessory to the contents inside and allow your personality to shine if you simply allow the threads to dance across the textured cloth at a slow pace when creating them.

It's a very organic process of building up your collage slowly in a creative way that only you know how you will want to do that using the ingredients provided and I know once you start sewing with the bundles I have combined especially for it will become quite addictive and you soon won't be able to put your needle down!

bundle - 'a collection of things or quantity of material tied or wrapped together

In my collection of Book Wrap Bundles, I have provided TWO options; the choice of a book with each bundle as a starting point which is especially good if you haven't made a book wrap before or you can just purchase the little bundle without the book if you already have a book in mind.

Do please look at the listing carefully to make sure you have the right option!

Once you have decided on which bundle option you wish to go for all you have to decide next is the theme of your wrap.

Each Book Wrap Bundle will contain enough ingredients to create a patchworked foundation base onto calico that you can then embellish to your hearts delight with and give your book a little smile

They are designed to be hand sewn at your own pace, encouraging your own style of creativity but you may prefer to machine sew the base and hand sew the surface stitching with some of your vintage threads stashed away. You could of course add some free motion embroidery if you wish or just practise a few of your old favourite embroidery stitches...

Remember...there are NO rules....

Simply embrace the beautiful mix of vintage and new...

Sample of ingredients -

  • Calico for foundation base to wrap around your book
  • Deluxe Interlining for an extra layer of softness
  • Selection of textured / patterned cloth snippets
  • embellishments
  • charms, buttons and beads
  • Vintage Lace / ribbon 
  • Little surprise extras

(Each bundle is individual so NO two orders will be the same!)

 Although there are no instructions with the bundles I do have a little instruction sheet on how to get started if you need a little helping hand or you may like to watch the little clip below...




If you would like a multiple order for your sewing group or regular weekly patchwork class etc I am more than happy to arrange that for you if you just drop me an email to enquiries@tilly-rose.co.uk 


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