1950's Weaver's Mill Bobbin - White

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These vintage weaver's mill bobbins from Berwick Upon Tweed hold a beautfiul tapestry of rich heritage within our textile industry dating back to the 1950's.

Each and every one has their own story of cloth and thread to share....

I love to display my slow stitched designs on various vintage bobbins of all different sizes as I feel it is a beautfiul connection to our past.

Not only do they add a beautiful hint of nostalgia to any vintage-inspired project, especially family heirlooms but they carry their own slice of social history that accompanies vintage linens and cottons.

As these bobbins are made from a tough white plastic they are a perfect foundation for any shabby chic project as well as being brilliant for complimenting a vintage wedding theme as table markers, place settings on the Bride & Groom's table or even as flower displays....


Other ideas for use - Stitch wraps and wall hangings can be rolled around the bobbins for safe storage if kept in a special treasure box or add a stable frame for displaying.

Other uses can be many vintage decor projects but especially good for storing all those gorgeous vintage lace and ribbons on.....think outside the box folks!


Measurements are approx 25cm in length


*please note although the bobbins have been cleaned they do hold many blemishes from their heritage and each one will be different

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