RARE Antique Indian Block Print Wooden Blocks

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I am always excited when I come across something extra special for my customers and these wonderful antique Indian blocks that have been hidden away safely fit the bill perfectly.


Indian wooden blocks have been made in India for centuries and the art of creating each one is still in use today.

These gorgeous antique gems have an aged beauty all of their own and each one is steeped in history. They are all RARE items saved after being in use for many years in various factories in Goa, Delhi and Mumbai.

I think they are SO beautiful....

Each block created from rosewood, is aged at least 50 years old and more and some are even over 100 years old. They have all been handcarved using various traditional Indian artisan skills that have been expertly passed down through generatons of families.

I have personally chosen each one for its absolutely exquisite detail and intricate carvings.

I just adore the fact that each one holds its own wealth of stories and secrets in each handworked mark, left over from the craftman's chisel that carved the design or the little snippet of sawdust left in between each imprint...

Please remember these beauties were the stoic workhorses of their day. They have seen many many hours of production lines throughout the years; some for everyday designs, some for ceremonial designs and others for homeware throughout the last century.

Look closely and they will share their textile tales with you of working in factories printing saris and cotton cloth through to the daily gossip of each work day through each grain of the wood, which I think is priceless.

Don't forget, these are not items that can be repeated. You are purchasing a beautiful slice of history celebrating a much treasured Indian culture and heritage.


Although old, they can actually still be used for blockprinting cloth if you wish or you may wish to simply place them on a shelf to sit back and look gorgeous!

Each block measures approx 15cm x 15cm - some maybe slightly bigger


*Please note - due to the age of each item there will be blemishes, marks and sometimes a little damage through wear and tear during production

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