Vintage Sari Silk Trims

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I love to offer my customers something a little extra know the sort of thing that you find tucked away in a little boxed somewhere or stashed in a trunk for safe keeping...

So I was so pleased to unearth these little treasures safelt tucked away in a rural village in India.

These gorgeous Indian sari silk border trims have all been saved from used pre-loved saris from days gone by. Used saris are usually recycled to create sari silk ribbons but the borders are always trimmed beforehand.

I am so excited to be able to bring to you these exquisite designs!

There are only a few of each pre-loved design and totally irreplacable.

Each holds their own story of secrets and treasured tales...

Where did the ladies visit whilst wearing them? Did they hold family gatherings? What was happening in the world at the time?

So many questions that I know you will be asking yourself as you gentle sew with them... but sadly no answers, only beautiful threads sharing their gorgeous beauty.

I've cut each piece to approximately 30cm which allows for many projects.

I love them especially for creating bookwrap spines or using them in stitched collages as a border.

All are exquisitely hand embellished using traditional artisan skills that have been passed on through the generations.

Each one contains a beautiful mix of metallic threads, aarti embroidery with beads and sequins.

Below are the colours and age for each choice -

  • Forest Gold - 1970's - Rose Gold / Emerald Green Silk / Bronze
  • Pink Sherbert - 1960's - Pink Chiffon / Turquoise mosaic threadwork / Silver shisha mirrorwork
  • Catherine Wheel - 1980's - Turquoise silk chiffon / rose gold beading / burgundly silk thread 
  • Gentle Daisy - 1950's - Mint aqua silk chiffon / turquoise silk threadwork / silver metallic thread / glass beads
  • Elegant Margo - 1970's - Lilac Grey silk / Copper threadwork/ Rose gold beadwork / gold sequins

 *Handwash only

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