From India with Love....

Following my Textile Tour to Jaipur in 2020, I have decided to dedicate a little corner to all things beautifully Indian.

I was so inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India and her love for handmade textiles and other gems that I discovered throughout my journey, and having seen first hand some of the wonderful skills and expertise required to produce these treasures, I knew I simply had to source some beautiful treasures to share with you all on my return....

All the items you find in this little corner have been lovingly created or produced using traditional artisan skills passed down throughout the centuries of family heritage.

Each item tells their own story with their patterns, their colour, or their production process and continue to support the rural communities of India with their family businesses.

I have been very fastidious in my approach to sourcing products directly from rural artisans, as this is something I feel very passionate about.

I am proud to say that in knowing their source and history, I can share the story behind each product with my customers.

All support ethical working practices for their workers. 


I know you will be as delighted with all my little treasures as I am at finding them....

Have fun choosing!


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