2. 'Peacock Feather' - Indian Wooden Block designed by Tilly Rose

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Let me introduce you to my second design...Peacock Feather

This design evolved from hours of research before visiting Jaipur back in Jan 2020.

I've always loved the gracefulness of a peacock and so have taken their beautiful feathers as my inspiration for this design.

Peacocks have graced Indian Palaces for centuries and have always been seen as a bird of wonder and inspiration.

Hindus also associate the peacock with Lakshmi, a benevolent deity who represents patience, kindness, compassion, and good luck. .

I've designed my peacock block in a way that you can link it up with a repeat pattern enabling you to use it not only as a single design but also as a border, edging or continuous strip...the choice is entirely yours!

Each wooden block has been handcrafted by expert artisan chippas, continuing the beautiful heritage of traditional Indian Block printing....

Measurements are approx - 

For more details on how to use a wooden block simply click HERE where I show you how to get started on my Youtube Channel.

***Please note - all my blocks are created exclusively for my website. You will not find them anywhere else! There are also only a limited number available...***

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