3. Daisy Dewdrop - Indian Wooden Block designed by Tilly Rose

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Let me introduce you to my third design....Daisy Dewdrop.

Inspired by the early morning dew that dances upon the flower petals...

I've created a smaller design as a starting point to anyone who may wish to dabble in creating their own designs.

This block can be used as a filler or as a border edging.

Perfect for adding to cards, slow stitched collages and embellished textile art....the choice is yours!


Each wooden block is handcrafted by expert artisan Chippas supported by Blockwallah in rural villages north of Delhi.

Expertly crafted with a wonderful heritage of tradition.

Measurements are approx - 

For more details on how to get started simply click HERE for a link to my Youtube channel showcasing Indian Blocks.

***Please note all my blocks are produced exclusively for my website. you will not find this design anywhere else! Also there are only a limited number of blocks available***

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