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As a lover of all things vintage I love nothing more than slow sewing onto a softer piece of cloth, whatever the project....

I have been asked so many times if I would offer the same sort of fabric and are some gorgeous antique pieces, all dating from late Victorian to the 1930's...


Each piece is individual and holds a beautfiul story of social history amongst the threads.

My thoughts often meader as I sew wondering who had stitched previously making that particular piece and where they were in the world. What age were they? Did they have a family?

More importantly these beautiful antiques transport us to a place in time where we feel time stood still and we love to remember but in reality these treasured pieces often hold their own tales of happiness, sorrow, celebration and joy. They connect us to our ancestors.


Each piece is roughly A4 in size with raw edges.

*Please note that due to their age these pieces may show alot of blemishes and in some cases showcase some disrupted sewing. I only have a limited amount of pieces so once they are gone I won't be able to replace!


Perfect for any vintage inspired project - collage, textile art or treasured memory pieces

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