'Alchemy of Secrets' Inspirations

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I have been eco-dyeing snippets of pre-loved cloth for many years now.

I have to say it's a real passion of mine.

The results are always a beautiful surprise of Serendipity when they emerge from the dyeing pot!


I've been asked to create some little inspiration packs by so many of my customers and finally here they are....

If you love a little vintage nostalgia with a twist, alongside being creative, then you will simply fall in love with these packs that I have lovingly put togther for you....

I have personally hand picked and dyed a selection of vintage cottons, linens, silks, and different laces (some of which have been sourced from the flea markets in Paris) to create a gorgeous range of textures to choose for your projects.

All pieces are hand dyed in small batches at a time, in my garden, situated deep in the Cambridgeshire Fens.

The results are lovely, as each piece gives you a most beautiful vintage shade of different tones to work with.

Each pack contains a pocketful of herbal wisdom interlaced with a lifetime of secrets, all handmade with love.

As a little extra bonus, I have added in some Edwardian milliner's pearlised buttons, dating back to 1910, a hand stamped piece of cloth to inspire, a few extra vintage buttons and some pearl beads you may wish to accessorise your designs with if you wish.

Hand embroidery, creative surface stitching, keepsakes and memory book covers, wedding accessories or even applique art and collage work..... you choose the project....the possibilities are literally endless!


...full of herbal wisdom...


Please be aware that these pieces will fade or even wash out if adding to a project that will be regularly laundered as they have all been eco-dyed to produce their unique colour tones without a mordant..

I generally don't like using a fixing agent so results will vary depending on the time of year, the weather of the day and the amount of herbs or flowers I have used.

I have deliberately left pieces quite textured, frayed, very creased and sometimes a little ragged so they will not arrive looking all pristine and perfect! If this look is not to your taste then simply give them a little press to spruce them up.

*Please note - the photographs are simply a reflection of the sort of content you will receive  as each pack will be an individual.... no two packs are ever the same!!!!

Example list of contents -

  • 3 x cotton / linen 
  • 2/3 Broderie Anglaise 
  • 3/4 cotton lace
  • 2 silk 
  • 1 x braid / thread / yarn
  • 3 Edwardian buttons
  • 8 pearl beads
  • 3 vintage buttons
  • 1 Handstamped piece

 Contents will vary

As a guide I have outlined the shades of colours you may expect for each option -

A Vintage Romance - pinks / peach 

Coffee & Cream - vintage aged / coffee / off white

Afternoon Tea - gentle lemons / cream / pale pink

Fenland Sunset - yellow / orange / lemon / sherbert pink

Blueberry Pie - blue, lilac, parma violet

Serendipity Fair - a mixture of all above, no particular colour theme 


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