Have you discovered my Facebook page?

You can find a cheery hello from me most mornings on my Facebook page Tilly Rose - Textile Artist

I love to share my news and little meamblings about life in the Tilly Rose studio with you all.

Every Tuesday I offer a Tilly Tuesday 'Go Live' broadcast where we chat about the important things in life...you know, threads, patterns and treasured memories...

So if you fancy joining me grab a cuppa and find yourself a comfy spot and join in with the lovely natter we all share.

There are only TWO rules to follow... NO politics and NO grumbles!

Here's a little taster of what's in store...

You can join my Facebook group Tilly Rose Vintage. 

This is a private group, so you will need to request to join us, but once the door is open you are most welcome to come on in, find a comfy spot, share a cuppa, chat with like-minded crafters who share your passion for anything vintage, slow sewing, patchwork and so much more in a lovely secluded place. 

Each week you can join us for our weekly Thursday Thimble Stitchery at 10.30am, where we discover and learn new stitches, patterns and techniques together.

Hope to see you there folks!



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