'Handmade With Love' Antique Log Cabin Patchwork Patch

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These beautiful patchwork patches hold a gorgeous tale of social history hidden amongst their threads....

Originally a bed quilt, these hand sewn log cabin squares offer a beautiful gentle foundation to create any slow stitch project on.

Perfect for adding all those gorgeous vintage threads you have hidden in your vintage stash!

Each square measures approximately 18cm x 18cm and will be sent with a 'Handade With Love tag.

Although orginally a 'quilt' of sorts, these patches were originally created from a variety of layered cotton cloths and no inner wadding as we see today, so you may prefer to gently undo the stitching to reveal the patchwork's history and use in a different style of textile sewing.....

Their are endless possibilities to use these little gems!

*Please note they do show their age with a variety of blemishes, tears and frayed edges.

No TWO squares are the same!

I can't guarantee the exact mix of shades and colours you will receive on your square but have shown a variety of the style in the photographs below....

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